ASBR Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor


ASBR – Advanced SBR – state of the art SBR

  • Proven track record of performance worldwide
  • #1 Choice for high quality effluent
  • Low capital operating and life-cycle
  • Biological Phosphorous and Total Nitrogen Removal (BNR)

Advanced SBR is the optimum biological process solution for most wastewater treatment problems in domestic, municipal, and industrial plants and is very effective for small, medium and large scale applications. Advanced SBR is also applicable for use in the modular expansion, retrofit, or upgrading of existing facilities and the pre-treatment of high strength industrial wastes.

Domestic and municipal wastewater applications include rural communities, towns and cities, airports and military installations, housing and commercial developments, schools, hospitals and shopping malls, septic tank wastewater treatment, resorts, motels and mobile-home parks , highway rest areas and recreational facilities, apartments and condominiums .

ASBR can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications where the wastewater is biologically degradable including: food, beverage and confectionery, paper, board and textile, wineries, petro-chemical, refinery and paint, anaerobically pre-treated effluents, electronics and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, perfume and personal care.