Industrial ASBR Wastewater Treatment Facility, India

This two (2) basin ASBR facility near Mumbai, receives a variety of
industrial wastewaters collected from many factories and chemical
production facilities.

The 10,000 m3/d wastewater plant comprises flow metering, chemical treatment,  pH correction, flow splitting, flow equalization with aeration, chemical precipitation and lamella plate clarification, two (2) basin ASBR biological treatment process, and effluent equalization.  Waste sludge storage, conditioning and belt press facilities are provided. and the sludge cake is disposed off site.

The ASBR design features 10m long stainless steel moving weir effluent decanters, high efficiency Triton floating mixer/aerators, dissolved oxygen control system, level controls, and process control PLC and SCADA system. Basin dimensions are 57m long x 38m wide x 6.5m deep, with a top water level of 6.0m.

The ASBR plant is designed to achieve a high effluent quality including BOD and TSS removal, and Nitrogen reduction with discharge to the river. Large fluctuations in biological and hydraulic loads are automatically accommodated with the  flexibility and control offered by the operational time cycles. A SCADA system monitors the overall plant systems, and automatically logs and stores data for historical trending and data analysis.

  • Population Equivalent (PE) 102,000
  • Influent Conditions Effluent Limits
  • Average Design Flow 10,000 m3/d (2.6 MGD)
  • BOD 625 mg/L 30 mg/L
  • TSS 300 mg/L 30 mg/L
  • TkN 75 mg/L
  • NH3N 30 mg/L
  • TP 8 mg/L

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